King Liz

Produced by Emerson Stage

Semel Theater at Emerson College

Directed by Benny Sato-Ambush

Scenic Design: Junior Johnson

Costume Design: Rachel Dahl

Sound Design: Vincent Laino

Photo Credit: Junior Johnson

Conceptual Work

A part of the design was transforming the theater into an arena, one similar to an NBA game. This was the direction I took, in this photo I had put 3 circuit ministrip lights all around to give that "round" stadium feel. During the show I had played with intensity effects and chases to create motion. 

Another aspect was "non-stop motion". Just like a NBA game, there is always something happening even when the players are not playing. I applied this to our transitions by creating a "show" on stage and in the audience with ensemble members who portrayed Basketball players and Cheerleaders. Below are some of those moments:

Lighting Design by Jeremy Stein