Lighting Design by Jeremy Stein

    "Hello! My name is Jeremy Stein. It's a pleasure to meet you!"

    Jeremy is a recent graduate of Emerson College where he earned his degree in BFA Theatre Design/Technology, concentrating in Lighting Design. Recent projects include Emerson Stage's production of King Liz as the Lighting Designer, The Hub Theatre Company of Boston's production of Coyote on a Fence as the Lighting Designer, and Brown Box Theatre Project's touring production of Hamlet as the Production Manager.


    Jeremy loves to be involved with theatre that sparks change in society. This derives in part from his earlier experiences with his church's youth group where he has done work with various service organizations. He has worked with The Pittsburgh Project (TPP) and Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP) which involved rebuilding and repairing the homes of elderly citizens who are physically and financially unable to do it themselves. In addition he has worked closely with the homeless of Washington DC in trying to understand and better their lives.

    "I enjoy meeting new people and the stories they have to tell."

    Currently Jeremy works for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines where he is a part of the backstage team for their Broadway/West-End level productions. He enjoys traveling and exploring with them along with working with and meeting people from all over the world.